People and problems

The announcement of Jane Friend taking over as our new Chief Officer comes as Citizens Advice Hart publishes its statistics on the number of people it helped in 2014-15, and the types of issues it helped resolve. Between April 2014- March 2015, a total of 2,628 residents* were helped with a total of 8,526 problems.  Of the individual problems on which help was sought from its offices in Fleet and Yateley, the top six problems on which assistance was sought were as follows:

Top six problem categories:

1. Benefits and Tax Credits : 31.5%

2. Debt : 13.5%

3. Employment : 11.0%

4. Relationships and Family : 10.8%

5. Housing : 8.7%

6. Legal : 6.8% - see fully interactive version at – see fully interactive version at

This infographic usefully illustrates the relative proportions for the respective areas, and if you click through to each issue area, you can see the breakdown for the top six issues within a number of the categories.

The top six issues within a number of the categories above are outlined in the tables below.

Top six issues within benefits were:

1. Employment Support Allowance: 13.5%

2. Housing Benefit: 11.2%

3. Working and Child Tax Credits: 11.1%

4. Personal Independence Payments: 9.6%

5. Jobseekers Allowance: 8.2%

6. Attendance Allowance: 6.8%

Top six issues within debt were:

1. Credit, store and charge card debts: 15.1%

2. Unsecured personal loan debts: 8.7%

3. Council tax, and community charge arrears: 8.7%

4. Bank and building society overdrafts 6.4%

5. Debt relief order: 5.5%

6. Bankruptcy: 5.4%

Top six issues within employment were:

1. Pay and entitlements: 18.3%

2. Dismissal: 18.1%

3. Terms and conditions of employment: 14.9%

4. Dispute Resolution: 14.4%

5. Redundancy: 9.1%

6. Employment tribunals and appeal: 6.6%

Top six issues within housing were:

1. Private sector rented property: 27.3%

2. Environmental and neighbour issues: 15.9%

3. Owner occupier property: 10.1%

4. Housing association property: 9.6%

5. Threatened homelessness: 8.9%

6. Access to and provision of housing: 8.4%

These figures do not include digital enquiries from individuals in Hart, which have seen a considerable rise during the past year, as more people feel confident using the resources provided by Citizens Advice online to attempt to resolve issues for themselves.

* In the 2011 Census, Hart had a total population of 91,033 (Office of National Statistics)


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